My next challenge: Around the World in 80 Experiments!

I’m standing behind a curtain. Staring at the stage I will be standing on in about a minute. In front of me, I see 150 people. All of them will hear and watch me speak. It’s being recorded. There is a livestream. I’m a bit nervous. And it’s in English. Needless to say, not my native language.

Funny thing is, standing here, it’s starting to get to me. Eight weeks ago, I began my public speaking challenge — 50 presentations in 15 weeks. And now, I’m standing in front of audiences larger than 150 people. Sharing my story. And to be honest, I’m a bit proud. Being here at TEDx.

Maybe it’s not the right time to think about all of this. With me having to go on stage any moment now. But I don’t care. It’s an enjoyable moment. And I’m grateful.

So far, it’s been an awesome journey.
It all started with me wondering about what would happen if I quit e-mail. It triggered an experiment. Out of a curiosity to learn. And that’s exactly what I kept doing: Testing assumptions out of a curiosity to learn and have fun while doing so.

Now I’m advising companies and organizations on how to translate ideas from thoughts to actionable experiments. Instead of into big stacks of paper no one wants to read anyway.

Deconstructing complexity and simplifying stuff using common sense.

That’s all.

My TED talk is number 34 of 50. The deadline of my speaking challenge? The 3rd of december. Why? Then my plane leaves to Hanoi, Vietnam. For my next experiment. I’m going to combine two things that currently excite me most: experimenting and travel.

My next challenge?

Around the world in 80 experiments…

In January 2016, I’m starting my journey in Ho Chi Minh City, to do 80 experiments at 80 different companies, organizations, charities and brands all over the world.

By doing what I do now: Deconstructing complexity and simplifying stuff using common sense. And maybe give some Keynotes along the way.

I don’t want money. I share my energy, creativity and experimental approach for the basic needs, I need when I’m abroad: Food and a place to sleep.

Do I know how this will play out? No. And just like with every experiment, do some tell me it’s ridiculous and impossible? Definitely.

But, I learned two things along the way:

1. To challenge assumptions and have fun while doing so.
2. And to never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do.

Do you want to be a part of my experiment, or get a taste of my journey?

Join me at

And I would love to meet up in the future.

All the best.

— Kevin

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Kevin Weijers

Kevin Weijers

Ik help organisaties experimenteren om antwoorden te ontdekken op complexe vraagstukken en vertel daarover als spreker.


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