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[05/80] Working at Malaysia’s most popular radio station | Hitz.FM

What does this sound like: Appear as a guest on Malaysia’s biggest radio show in the morning. Do an interview for another radio stations after. Record two 30 second community service messages that will be aired randomly over the next few months. Record a prank call. Record another radio item. Do an interview for a clothing brand magazine. Attending a Mercedes launch party in the evening and being interviewed again. And hitting the club at night.

A day in the life of David Beckham?

It may sound like it. But this is what happened to me last week in Kuala Lumpur…

Because for two days I was part of The Morning Crew on Hitz FM. A radio station of Astro, Malaysia’s leading media group!

Early morning Astro

So, what’s it like to work for a radio station for two days? Well, one of the ‘perks’ of being on a morning show is you get to wake up at 4:45am. You will have the whole day ahead of you. That’s nice… We arrived at the studio at 5:30am. I met with Arnold, RD and Ean. They are The Morning Crew. While I was still waking up, they were already full of energy. Making jokes, going after each other and laughing like crazy.

Hitz FM in the house!

They almost immediately started the interview with me. To give some perspective, when I told 45 designers during my talk at Inspidea I was invited at Hitz FM, everyone became really quiet and then started laughing. Why? Hitz FM is famous for their Gotcha prank calls and making fun of everything (and everyone). But hey, I’ll be fine, there will only be two million people listening…

For an impression of the interview: check this clip

Basil, the producer is the one who invited me over. He is responsible for the quality of the content that airs. All of this happens while the show runs. At this really organized desk:

Working station Hitz FM

After the show, we had a team meeting. We evaluated the show and started brainstorming content for tomorrow. Everyone was very open and I felt comfortable sharing all of my ideas. To my happy surprise, a lot of them were selected for next day’s show.

Hitz FM Team meeting

In the studio, word spread that I was around, and I got asked to do another interview. This time for Lite FM. A channel that targets a slightly older audience. This interview was more in depth and also a lot of fun to do. It will be aired somewhere this week.

Interview Lite FM

We also recorded some other items that will be aired on Hitz FM over time. As I was part of the infamous Gotcha! call.

Besides working, I got the hang out with the guys during the evenings. The first night Arnold took me to the launch party of a new Mercedes. Being the only white guy there, I got interviewed again. This time for television, but I have no clue where and when they will broadcast it, haha. The second night we were on the guest list of another party…

What can you do in a few days?

This question comes up often. My answer after this experiment is simple: A LOT!

In retrospect, I still don’t know how this came about. And even though I’m in Hanoi now, I’m definitely still processing all of what happened. Can’t remember when I laughed that much in two days (and slept so little). Basil, Arnold, RD, Ean and Brian, you are an awesome team to be a part of! Keep it up and thanks again for the invite.

Also, Tanya and Basil, I’m very grateful for you taking me in and showing me around. All the best for the Fam Glam photography studio!

Oh, and mom, I have already caught up on some sleep ;)


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