[26/80] Being a model in Dubai

My phone rings.

‘Hey, it’s Frank. Do you still do experiments abroad?’


‘Great, what does a typical experiment look like? Any preconditions?

‘Well, it’s quite broad. But mostly I help a company launch a new idea or solve an existing challenge.’

‘Ok, and what if I need you to be a model for a few days in Dubai? Would you be open to that?’

‘Uh, I guess…’

‘Great, could you send me a photo of your passport?’

‘Uh, I guess… Are you in a hurry?’

‘Well, better not wait too long, we fly in three days…’ Continue reading “[26/80] Being a model in Dubai”

80Experiments is back on: See you in Dubai!

As the CEO (Chief Exploration Officer) of 80experiments, I felt as if I were retired.

The last trip to Malaysia dates back a few months. And after almost silently breaking up with my challenge to help companies around the world launch new ideas in exchange for food and shelter — I secretly started flirting with foreign companies again.

That’s why I’m excited to announce I’ve just boarded an airplane to the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading “80Experiments is back on: See you in Dubai!”

Waarom gebruiken we allemaal ingewikkelde Engelse termen?

Hij kijkt me aan en zegt: “Ik heb het nooit over netwerken. Ik spreek liever over high impact, meaningful connecten”.

Ik wil lachen. Dan zie ik dat hij het meent. Hetzelfde moment ontstaat kortsluiting in mijn hoofd. Wat moet ik doen? Lachen is niet netjes. Ik knik ongemakkelijk een dubieuze ‘ah, uh, oke..’. Dan zie ik in mijn ooghoek een bekende, steek mijn hand op, en roep heel hard “Hey!”. Zo, gered. Einde gesprek. Continue reading “Waarom gebruiken we allemaal ingewikkelde Engelse termen?”