Confirmed: Next stop is Tel-Aviv ✈️


The next stop for my challenge Around the World in 80 Experiments, is Tel-Aviv. The second largest city in Israel: The Startup Nation. I fly tomorrow (Monday 22 January) and will be working with the startup Knowers for a week.


“How do you find your next experiment?” is a question that gets asked regularly. Although there’s no one answer, this time it went like this.

I did a talk a few months ago. Someone approached me afterward and asked if I was interested in working for his company in Canada. Of course I was. We tried to set it up. Unfortunately, out of the blue, all communication stopped. It’s a shame, but there can be a million reasons for this to happen — I just hope it’s nothing bad (so, if you read this, no hard feeling, and please let me know..).

But I really wanted to go abroad. So, as a wannabe Jelmer de Boer I hopped on kiwi.com on checked for flights. This was on Friday.

I chose departure “From Amsterdam”, to destination “Everywhere”, and got a nice list of options. And a map with price tags. I created a short list: Guatemala, Miama, and Tel-Aviv were on it. Tel-Aviv was only 189 euros. As a real Jelmer de Boer I switched to momondo, typed in the same travel dates and times, and found the same ticket for 178 euros. I don’t get why, but if you want to learn how to book cheap flights (and your Dutch), you can become a Jelmer de Boer yourself, by reading his book about cheap airfare: Thuisblijven is Duurder. Go check it out.

So, the ticket is booked. Now the real challenge starts: How do I find an experiment?

I don’t have that many friends on Facebook (±1100) and LinkedIn (±1500), but if you were to put them in one room together, it would be crowded. So, on Saturday I asked them (probably you) for help:

No shocking amount of likes, but a far more important thing happened: People started tagging friends in Tel-Aviv. Which led to a few calls with Isreal on Sunday and Monday. Monday morning I chatted to Nir Kouris — a guy that was tagged 3 times in my call for help.

Nir was extremely helpful and connected me to Laurance Newman, the CEO of the freshly launched startup Knowers. An hour later I spoke with Laurence, and he said: “We connects travelers with knowledgeable locals to create personalized travel experiences. It’s really interesting what you’re doing. We could use your help, and we’re more than happy to have you over!”

As soon as a hung up, I realized: all will be well—again! Even though it’s not the first time it plays out likes this, it’s still incredibly fascinating to me.


The lesson is: You don’t need thousands of followers to get stuff done. You don’t need to build a following before you start. You need to start before you build a following.

In this case, people are open to having me over. People that don’t know me at all. But because they like the concept op Around the World in 80Experiments, they want to help me reach 80.

For that I’m immensely grateful.


And if working with Laurence and Knowers isn’t enough already, I got a call from the Dutch Embassy on Friday: “Hi Kevin, we heard you will be in Tel-Aviv next week. We would like you to meet the ambassador, and for you to give a talk about the future of work. Are you available for that?” Of course, I humbly replied I’m more than honored.

So, tomorrow (Monday 22 January) I fly to Israel. Accommodation and food will be taken care of by Knowers. Laurence will pick me up from the airport. And we’ll discuss what we’ll be working on for the week. Without a doubt, It promises to be another epic adventure. But I’ll stick to the mantra someone I interviewed for the podcast shared with me: Stay curious, have low expectation, embrace the unknown, and you’ll be amazed at what will happen.

For now, thank you all for helping me.

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Ps; I’m the CEO (Chief Exploration Officer) of Around the World in 80 Experiments. A challenge to launch new ideas at companies around the world in exchange for food and shelter. To fund my adventure, I do public speaking at companies and business events on the project and the topics of curiosity, creativity and experimentation. To never miss the bi-weekly update, sign up below.

Podcast S01E02 | Martijn Aslander over hoe je een betere, zelfverzekerde spreker wordt


“Je moet altijd loslaten dat je ergens geld voor wilt krijgen, vooral als je ergens geld voor krijgt” — Martijn Aslander

Deze aflevering van de podcast ‘Experimenteren Met’ interview ik Martijn Aslander (resourcerer). Martijn is schrijver, lifehacker, en nog veel meer andere dingen — maar met name is hij een van de beste sprekers die ik ken. Toen ik zelf begon met het geven van presentaties heb ik van Martijn, en Kim Spinder die in een volgende podcast voorbij komt, verreweg het meeste geleerd.

Waarom is Martijn de persoon om bij aan te kloppen voor advies over spreken voor groepen? Zelf viel hij bij zijn eerste lezing flauw. Nu geeft hij over de hele wereld ongeveer 200 presentaties per jaar.  En iedereen die wel eens bij hem in de zaal heeft gezeten, weet dat hij de kunst van het spreken voor groepen zichzelf volledig eigen heeft gemaakt.

Toen ik Martijn drie jaar geleden vroeg hoe ik een betere spreker kon worden, zei hij dat ik meters moest maken, want — en nu komt het — de eerste 200 presentaties tellen niet… Inderdaad, de eerste 200…

Martijn’s advies opvolgend ben ik toen de challenge aangegaan om 50 presentaties in 15 weken te geven. Maar hoe kom je als beginnend spreker überhaupt voor groepen? Hoe geef je vervolgens een goede presentatie? Wat doe je wel? En wat doe je vooral niet? Waar kun je aan werken om beter te worden? Het zijn allemaal vragen waar Martijn in deze podcast antwoord op geeft.

Dus of je nu zelf spreker wilt worden. Of af en toe voor je werk een presentatie moet geven — de tips van Martijn gaan je helpen een betere, zelfverzekerde spreker te worden.

Luister naar aflevering 2 met Martijn Aslander

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Shownotes, en meer over Martijn?

Bestel het boek Nooit Af(of gratis download)
Bestel het boek Easycratie (of gratis download)
Boek Martijn als spreker via www.martijnaslander.nl

Shownotes, Martijn vertelt over:
00:30 — wie hij is, en wat hij doet.
04:38 — wat is de meest onderschatte sprekersvaardigheid?
05:18 — hoe kom je als beginnend spreker voor meer groepen?
06:51 — waarom je geld los moet laten.
07:10 — waarom de eerste 200 presentaties niet tellen.
09:20 — waarom hij geen gebruik meer maakt van presentatiesoftware.
11:05 — toen hij zelf flauw viel op een podium.
12:05 — hoe deel je een presentatie in.
14:33 — waarom iedereen een verhaal heeft.
17:08 — wat eigenschappen zijn van een goede spreker.
19:55 — hoe je jezelf als spreker ‘promoot’.
21:30 — waardebepaling achteraf en ‘pricing’.
25:43 — hoe het internationaal werkt.
28:09 — waarom je alles moet filmen.
32:35 — hoe hij kiest waar hij mee aan de slag gaat.
33:19 — welke 3 bronnen hij volgt voor zijn informatie.
35:33 — de 5 seconden regel.
37:52 — wat is ‘succes’.
40:25 — waarom experimenteren zo belangrijk is.
43:30 — waarom je ‘Nooit Af’ gratis kunt downloaden
44:40 — de app ‘Productive’
45:45 — wat leer je je kinderen?

Andere dingen die ter sprake komen, met links:

Tim Urban — waitbutwhy.com
Kevin Kelly — New rules for a new economy / The inevitable
Permanent Beta
Peter Diamandis — Abundance 
Mozes Naim — The end of Power 
Dan Brown — Origin

Tot slot, een vraag:

Mijn laatste vraag aan Martijn is wat een essentiële vaardigheid is die hij zijn kinderen aanleert voor de toekomst. Het antwoord: Schaamteloos vragen stellen. Omdat als je dat onder de knie hebt, gaat de rest vanzelf.

Vandaar mijn vraag: Mocht je het interview met Martijn interessant hebben gevonden, wil je dan een beoordeling van mijn podcast achterlaten in iTunes via deze link?


— Kevin

Vond je het interview met Martijn interessant? Luister hier naar mijn interview met Joseph Oubelkas over 4,5 jaar onterecht gevangschap in Marokko.

Ps; I’m the CEO (Chief Exploration Officer) of Around the World in 80 Experiments. A challenge to launch new ideas at companies around the world in exchange for food and shelter. To fund my adventure, I do public speaking at companies and business events on the project and the topics of curiosity, creativity and experimentation. To never miss the bi-weekly update, sign up below.

[26/80] Being a model in Dubai


My phone rings.

‘Hey, it’s Frank. Do you still do experiments abroad?’


‘Great, what does a typical experiment look like? Any preconditions?

‘Well, it’s quite broad. But mostly I help a company launch a new idea or solve an existing challenge.’

‘Ok, and what if I need you to be a model for a few days in Dubai? Would you be open to that?’

‘Uh, I guess…’

‘Great, could you send me a photo of your passport?’

‘Uh, I guess… Are you in a hurry?’

‘Well, better not wait too long, we fly in three days…’


Three days later I’m enjoying a coffee with Frank and Hein while we wait for our flight. Frank is a photographer (website). Hein is a friend of Frank. And I’m a guy who looks European enough to be in the new photos for a hotel in Dubai.

But I’ve never been a model before. When Frank senses I’m a bit anxious, he explains I don’t have to do a lot of posing. He wants the photos to be casual. I nod. “Seriously,” he says “Just relax, and you’ll be fine!”

In the middle of the night, we arrive at our hotel. And as with every experiment, I never really know where I end up. This time, it turns out, the hotel is not in Dubai. It’s The Radisson Blu Resort in Fujairah. A completely different Emirate. The next morning when we wake up, it looks stunning.

With Dubai in mind, I anticipated for skyscrapers, desert, and a bustling city. With Fujairah, I get a 5-star hotel, mountains, and the peace and quiet of this 500-meter private beach. Not bad, right?!

After breakfast, we have a strategy meeting with the board. Frank has to take photos of the rooms and the hotel’s facilities. But we sense there much more value in capturing shots of all the activities you can do in the surroundings of the hotel. Because that’s where the real value is: there’s a lot more to Fujairah than you expect. To get a feel for this, we go on a rock safari. This is Frank in action:

Although it was bumpy, the trip is fairy tales and rainbows so far!

Conclusion after day one, Fujairah is stunning. And it’s completely different to what you would expect.

But as a model, you can’t look tired. So after a day full of stimulus, it was time to get some sleep. Because with the female model arriving the next day, the remaining days will be about one thing, and one thing only: Taking photos!

And that’s what Frank did.

Me? I just went diving…

Had some cocktails…

Strolled down the beach…

Looked casual on a yacht…

And did a few handstands…

These are just a few non-edited photos to give an impression. The other photos will soon be used on booking.com and the hotel’s website. Looking back, is modeling life for me? I’m not so sure. Am I still anxious about the end result? Most definitely. But we had a great time and it was a lot of fun!

Frank, Hein, Rami, Nadia, Anne, and all the others at the Radisson Blu Resort, thank you for your hospitality!


This experiment in the United Arab Emirates was a great week to look ahead, and brainstorm ideas for 2018.

And I promise exciting stuff will happen as of late January. But since I’m not a planner, don’t want to jinx things, and love spontaneous adventures like this, I’ll keep the ideas to myself (for now).

And maybe you have a better idea for me about where to go next?

All the best,

— Kevin

Ps; I’m the CEO (Chief Exploration Officer) of Around the World in 80 Experiments. A challenge to launch new ideas at companies around the world in exchange for food and shelter. To fund my adventure, I do public speaking at companies and business events on the project and the topics of curiosity, creativity and experimentation. To never miss the bi-weekly update, sign up below.